Dear Customers;

With rampant inflation there is a lot of pressure to raise prices which I have not done. Because of pressure to reduce my wholesale prices due to the overproduction of pinot in the marketplace I have reduced my production of the 2019 pinot to 200 cases, down from 250 cases in 201, the smallest production ever. This allows me to use only the best blocks available to me and I think you will notice a difference. I realize you have many options to try and I appreciate that you consider Castalia a quality buy. The more people that order the wine from me, allows me to hold my pricing longer. So please tell a friend.

The 2019 Vintage, harvested in late August, had closer to normal yields with a long growing season without any heat spikes until the wine was in fermenters, giving it deeper darker tones of cherry, mushroom and earth than the 2018. As with all my pinots, the 2019 has a long lingering finish that leaves you craving more. I have always said that you don’t have to finish the bottle because the wine taste better the next day. I have tried the wine after 3 days and it was still drinking well. With a PH of 3.5 it should age for at least ten years and won’t hit its prime for 4 to 7 years so the longer you wait to drink it the better it will be.

Looking back at all the many wines I have made, I am proud of the consistent quality of each vintage largely due to the fact that the Rochioli vineyards are the source for each one. Only three wineries beside Rochioli are allowed to put that name on the label and I am extremely happy to say I am one of them.

**I am now offering to pay for shipping if you purchase the wine by check. I am sorry but I can’t afford the credit card charges and the cost of shipping.

Please visit my website where you can order the wine or send me an email with any questions you may have. Thank you for your support. Enjoy the wine and remember that I do appreciate your referrals.

Terry Bering