Dear Customers:

Due to weather and other factors, production has dropped from 375 cases in 2013 to 300 cases for the 2016 vintage. That is why the more people that order the wine from me allows me to hold my pricing longer. So please tell a friend!

Other than the big drop in production, the 2016 vintage produced another great wine that we have come to expect from the Rochioli Vineyards. I had to draw from a few different lots than I have used before to even get to 300 cases. This gives the wine a slightly different profile than the 2015 but it has a lot of Burgundian tones that are so attractive. It reminds me of the 2011 Vintage which is extremely tasty right now. The wine has really bright fruit tones of cherry and currants with a background of earth and mushroom. Aside from the flavor and nose the 2016 has an extremely pleasant effect on you that is noticeable in all higher quality wines. As with all my pinots, the 2016 has a long lingering finish that leaves you craving more. The wine tastes good now but it is better the next day and still great the 3rd day so the longer you wait to drink it the better it will be. With a PH of 3.5 it should age for at least ten years and won’t hit its prime for 4 to 7 years.

The bottling line wanted a lot of money to bottle the magnums. Since I only bottle 12 magnums it wasn’t cost effective so none were bottled. I hope to work something out in the future.

If you are shipping your wine outside California you need to contact Fitch Mtn. Pkg. (707 433-1247) or any shipper of your choice and give them all your information including credit card for shipping. I am sorry for the inconvenience but with all the new State laws and tax regulations this is the only way for me to prevent trouble. Please read the shipping rules on my website to see if you are in a reciprocal State, otherwise you must pay California sales tax. I will email you when the wine is shipped. Shipping wine to a residence is expensive. Have your wine shipped to a business address which is much cheaper.

Please visit my website where you can order the wine or send me an email with any questions or problems. I have retained the services of a wonderful man named Paul Bullard to place my wine in the finest restaurants in California. Check out the listing of the many really great restaurants that Castalia can now be enjoyed at. It is also on the website. Thank you for your support. Enjoy the wine and remember to tell a friend.

Terry Bering